Based on Corey Tabaka's demo, I've updated this Javascript 3D graphics demo to use more standard practices; work in FireFox and Internet Explorer 5.5+; and display PNGs correctly in Internet Explorer versions less than 7.

Ajas Hash History Test

The Ajas HashHistory class is useful for helping the browser's history to keep up with activities between page requests. It essentially 'unbreaks' the Back and Forward history buttons in 'AJAX' applications. The class also aids 'Deep Linking' in 'AJAX' applications. By responding the the hash part of the URL, a specified callback function can set the page to the intended state.

Ajas Drag-and-Drop Uploader

This is a demonstration of using 'ajas.http.uploadLocalFile' to upload a file without a pageload (ie, via 'AJAX'). Because of Browser security that prevents reading the file from the local computer it only works in FireFox, and requires a special setting change in about:config. Once the file is read, it calls 'ajas.http.uploadAsFile' with the contents, which should work in any browser. The size of the file should extend to the limit of the server's configuration, however I have set a small limit for demonstrative purposes.

Tree widget

A generic extendable JavaScript tree library

Quick Editor 2

A form for making quick edits, simply a textarea and an iframe for rendering; changing one changes the other. This is not intended as a WYSIWYG for generating content (there are plenty good&free ones available) but instead as a programmers aide to quickly try some HTML/JS/CSS without having to create a file to test in. The textarea specially handles tabs, multi-line indenting with tab, multi-line unindenting with shift+tab and auto-indent with return.


A Quick imitation of PasteBin built for the convenience of my circle.

Form Validation

Here's some JavaScript input validation I'm tinkering with.